A brief Hintzell family history in Finland

The Hintzells living in Finland are descended from Gotthilf Hintzell, who was born on 16th January 1816 in Danzig, East Prussia. Gotthilf (also called as Gottlieb) Hintzell was baptised in Lutheran church of Danzig (Sankt Bartholomäi). His father was Samuel Hintzell (born not known) and mother Carolina Maÿke, born on 21th May 1775 in Danzig. The family was citizen of East Prussia. Samuel Hintzell has been traced in Danzig without any results.

According to family legend, Carolina Hintzell came with her son Gotthilf to Finland via St. Petersburg. The reason, why they left Danzig, is not known. It is also not known, if the father, Samuel Hintzell, came with them or not.

It is documented that Carolina Hintzell and her son Gotthilf came to Kivennapa, Finland, not later than 1835. They belonged to the church of Sant Anne of St. Petersburg. Gotthilf Hintzell married with Margaretha Louise Bauer and they got three sons Johan Adam, Daniel and Karl. They moved to Terijoki not later than 1854. Gotthilf Hinzell died in 1883. In the same year the family got Finnish citizenship.

Kivennapa and Terijoki is located about 30 km from St Petersburg and belonged to Finland until 1939. The family Hintzell was forced to leave Terijoki in 1939 because the war between Soviet Union and Finland broke out.